Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Barbarian To Have Health Insurance

Straight From The Governor’s Press Junket. Schwarzennager is proposing that California pull a “Romney” (that is how I’m going to refer to it from now on; let’s see if I can make it a trend).

Gov. Crist renews pledge to lower insurance rates

Gov. Charlie Crist and lawmakers girded themselves Tuesday for a potential insurance collision next week over how to appease a groundswell of public pressure to offer instant rate relief to homeowners.

California considers insurance for all

California considers insurance for all: "Schwarzenegger said his plan would save $10 billion a year by cutting costs and redirecting money already in the health-care system."

Find Cheap Home and Auto Insurance

At the beginning of each calendar year, I take some time to review my household finances from the previous year. I basically just want to make sure that my family is staying on budget and that we’re not living beyond our means.

On Community Rating in Health Insurance

InsureBlog has an excellent article up disagreeing with the concept of community rating (that is, charging the same rate in a community, regardless of some characteristics of the individual community member acquiring insurance).

Schwarzenegger Wants Health Insurance for all Californians

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has unveiled plans to require all Californians to have health insurance; the program rewards healthy lifestyles and extends coverage to uninsured residents with subsidies.


Another raging, anti-capitalist leftist for universal health care, or something like it: Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Faulty Analogy Insurance...

The San Jose Mercury ran this editorial around Christmastime arguing against mandatory health insurance.

Getting Insurance for Your Business is Worth It

Getting the proper insurance is a necessary expense in running your business. Various types of insurance policies are also extremely helpful in attracting and keeping good employees.

Time to ramp up my term life insurance

Shit. Well, that certainly explains the numbness in my arms, the stabbing chest pains, the inexplicable sweating and shortness of breath.